Finds on Vacation

Last week I was on vacation on Long Island in the Hamptons. I go for a week every year with my sister’s family. We rent a house together and have fun hanging out, playing scrabble and enjoying the water. I managed to get to some sales. Most of the sales there are super expensive. A lot of them are advertised as selling Designer clothes and shoes and the prices are as if you are shopping at a boutique. Many people out there are shop owners and crafters who create and sell home decor items and to them, a tag sale is a place to sell their crafts – at retail prices. Not so good for me. I went to 2 sales where I bought some items. At one sale the lady said “this is a real tag sale with tag sale prices” and she was true to her word. 50 cents for used Ugg boots and $1 for a Folkmanis puppet. I almost hugged her. 

P1250532 P1250537

I went to a benefit sale and found another Caddyshack Gopher. I haven’t tested it yet. I also found a Snoopy radio but the battery cover is missing. Gotta love Snoopy and his little grin.

P1250551 P1250561

I stopped at a thrift store and picked up a Playmobil set. But that’s about it for this week! Hope you had a good one!


One response to “Finds on Vacation

  1. Sounds like a really fun time!

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