Pyrex Saves the Day

Hello fellow treasure hunters. Things have been up and down for me this week. I drove out to one sale that was at a church. It was very small to my disappointment but I found a few things. I love this Waechtersbach strawberry mug. As I said before, I don’t usually have too much luck with mugs but I have sold this brand before. They are marked West Germany and have a raised design.


I found a set of red bangles that feel like Bakelite to me. I have no experience buying Bakelite. There is some kind of test you can do with 409 to see if they are Bakelite or not. I have the 409 but I am have not done the test yet. Keeping the dream alive.  Of course I won’t be listing them until I know what they are for sure.


There were 2 stained glass angels at this sale. One of the ladies there was saying that she looked them up on Ebay and that they were worth $65. But I am too smart for this stuff now. I looked them up myself later and I don’t know what she was thinking. I guess people think that what people ask for their items on Ebay is what they are worth.

I wasn’t too happy with my haul from that sale so I stopped in a Goodwill I ran across on the 1 1/2 hour ride back home and found this cute Casper toy.


His eyes glow in the dark!

At a church sale near my house I wasn’t finding much until I saw a pretty yellow Pyrex with the Butterprint pattern. Unfortunately it does have a chip on the bottom but it was only $1 and it’s a rare piece so hopefully it will do well. However, it looks so awfully cute in my cabinet. Don’t you think?


At one tag sale I went to on Friday I found a set of Star Wars legos in their box but not new. I asked the lady how much it was and got the old – “Oh – those are Star Wars Legos. Those are very collectible.” I just can’t take it anymore so when she said ” I think those are worth about $60 or $70 dollars” I said “No they’re not.” I got it for $10 which is still a high price. 

The last item I will talk about cost me 10 cents and I didn’t buy it to resell. It is a charming Cowboy Book. Every year the preschool I work at has a Wild West week and I have no books of my own to bring in. We have books in the school but all the teachers have to share and sometimes I can’t get the book I want for a particular theme so I like to have some of my own books for each theme. I didn’t have any Wild West books so I thought I would pick this up. When I got it home and looked it up (it is from 1950) I saw that it was kind of rare and in a large format, even more valuable than the smaller ones. So – bye bye Western themed book. Onto Ebay you go.


Hope you all are enjoying the summer and lots of shopping!!

4 responses to “Pyrex Saves the Day

  1. I hope your bracelets are bakelite too!

  2. Marla

    Maybe you can photocopy the book and then sell it. You can laminate the copies and put in a binder.

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