Cute or Creepy?

I went to a church sale on Thursday. There were 2 big bins of stuffed animals where I found a rubber faced vintage Gund bear and an old stuffed monkey. The bear is kind of cute, but also kind of creepy. Sometimes the stuffed animals with the rubber faces are valuable. I guess, in the old days, they thought it was better to make the toy have a rubber face rather than a fur face. I think the all fur stuffed animals that they make these days are definitely cuter. The pink cat with the rubber face that I purchased a few weeks ago sold for $20. I was surprised. The monkey is freaky. No two ways about it. I don’t want to be in the same room with him. I can’t really imagine anyone buying him but I hope to be surprised again.


P1250372 P1250390


I found a reproduction 1958 Barbie doll. Did I think she was a real 1958 Barbie at first? You bet I did. For about 30 seconds. It was a fun 30 seconds. She has a very pretty dress and hopefully she’ll sell for about $15. I also found a yellow Fisher Price cat Puffalump. She is from 1986. The Puffalumps are made out of a parachute type material and some can be collectible. This one seems like it might sell for $20. 


P1250323 P1250334


I like this sweet vintage metal box with an illustration of animals at the top. I like the handle and how it looks like a basket. This silver cat pin reminds me of one my mother had. That’s why I picked it up.


P1250340 P1250350



The last item I’m going to share is something that i found in a free pile at a tag sale. It was near the end of the day and most of the toys were free. I picked up this pie which is made by Fisher Price. My daughter played one like this about 15 years ago so I recognized it. It is called Surprise Pie and it looks like it can sell for about $40 if it is complete. Unfortunately mine does not have the red pie pan with it but it will still sell for something. I rarely find anything good in the free box but it’s always good to check!




Hope you enjoyed the great weather and some good sales!!

5 responses to “Cute or Creepy?

  1. Oh wow, I gotta bone up on Fisher Price stuff. Pretty sure we had that pie…
    & I would totally probably buy the monkey, if it were cheap!

  2. I’m impressed that you would buy the monkey. I’m afraid he’s going to come after me when I’m sleeping.

  3. distresseddonna

    I had no idea how expensive vintage toys had gotten. I know a few people who would buy the monkey because he is weird.

  4. I was 8 when that Puffalump was made so I definitely remember their material! Looks like you found some fun (and creepy) stuff!

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