Dolls and Dansk

This weekend I did a lot of driving. I went to two sales that were at temples and they were both over an hour away. I don’t know if it was worth it. I guess time will tell. I found a few Dansk pieces. My favorite piece is this black Kobenstyle pot. I don’t see black too often and I love the shape of the handles on these. It was $8. I found 3 Dansk salad spoons and a Dansk lion. I was very excited about the lion because I think he is very cute and has a cool shape. I was so excited that I paid $12 for him which is how much he is worth. I may keep him.

P1250220 P1250236 P1250248


I found a Molly doll from the show The Big Comfy Couch which my daughter used to watch when she was little, a Biffy Beans doll from the 1970’s and my favorite of the dolls which is this Furga doll from Italy. I just love her shoes and her dress.

P1250202 P1250262 P1250270


The last thing I’m going to mention is coffee mugs. I have not had any luck selling coffee mugs in the past although I see on blogs and youtube all the time how people find mugs for 25 cents or 50 cents and sell them for $10, $20 or more. A while ago I went to a sale and the lady had mugs for 50 cents. I bought 2. One I had seen other people sell. It has bears and it is by Taylor and Ng. I was able to sell it for $10. The other mug was illustrated with horse cartoons and was a very thin china and it sold for $20. Over the weekend I purchased an Andy Warhol mug with a bright red cat on it. I hope I can continue with the mug luck.

P1250144 P1250156 P1250238

Wishing you all great finds!

6 responses to “Dolls and Dansk

  1. The Warhol mug is nice, bet it’ll sell! I have never sold a mug, but will be attempting to in the near future.

  2. I bet that mug sells fast, I love selling them because they are so easy to ship. Your Dansk is so cute!

  3. I really like the Taylor and Ng mugs and I’ve had good luck selling them. I’ve also had good luck with Laurel Burch and random Fire King mugs.

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