Thrifted Finds

The thrift stores have been calling me lately, although I am trying to be more selective in what I buy. The thrifts around here have gotten pretty expensive. One item I found is an Alice in Wonderland pillowcase. I have had some luck selling unusual pillowcases. Recently I sold a My Little Pony and a Babar the Elephant pillowcase. This one has very beautiful illustrations.

I found an interesting wine cooler that had a mid century modern look. It was marked “In the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art”. That seemed like a good thing.

I picked up this doll, who my son informed me, is a character from Wreck it Ralph. The Ralphs are pretty common but the girl, Vanellope, is a bit harder to find.

I found a Little Einsteins rocket ship again. This one had the top too!

I found a large Griffin Folkmanis puppet. I have 2 other Folkmanis that have not sold yet but that apparently doesn’t stop me from buying another one.

The last item I’m going to show that came from the thrift store is a vintage Speak & Spell. Some electronic items I have bought lately have not worked but happily, this one did.

I am hoping that some good thrift store finds will make up for what I am not finding at the sales. Happy Hunting and Happy Fourth of July!







2 responses to “Thrifted Finds

  1. wbdesign2014

    Hi Jill, I got a large lot of vintage barbie 70s clothes and dolls. Seemed like a good idea at the time because it was only $5. But the were heavily mildewed and took forever to clean. I’m still working on them. After all that, I have an outfit and shoes for each doll with a bunch of misc left overs, and a carry case. The clothes aren’t perfect. It’s just one actual barbie, one ken, and a bunch of skippers and the others. I’ve been trying to research it. I think the accessories are good. In your opinion, what’s the value in for barbies?

  2. You can’t go wrong taking a chance for $5. The best thing would be if you could just keep researching and try to find the exact same items on ebay, and then go to completed listings to see what they sold for. Sometimes drying things out in the sun also helps reduce any smell. I don’t have a lot of experience selling 1970’s dolls. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

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