A New Idea

Here’s a new idea. There was a boy scout sale advertised. I have been to several boy scout sales that have been loaded with items and very good. This one said there was an early bird but to get in you have to bring a bag of things to donate. OK. Well – that’s better than $20. So I went in the attic and filled a bag with items. When I got to the sale at 8:00 there was one small table with a few things on it. Apparently they had not gotten many donations so the lady’s idea was to have people bring items and, I guess, create a sale right there on the spot. Great. Glad I could help.

The rest of the weekend was not much better sale wise but I found a few things. I found a Caddyshack musical Gopher that plays “I’m Alright” and dances in the most adorable way. These can go for about $40. A lady at the same sale was selling off her collection of boxed Barbie dolls. Most of these are not really that valuable because there must be so many of these out there. The really valuable ones are those from the 1960’s that mostly got thrown away because people didn’t know what “collectible” was. I couldn’t resist buying one which was a 30th anniversary Francie doll. I paid $12 for it which was too much. There was a giant box with an entire Barbie bridal party in it. The lady next to me asked how much and the answer was $20. So she snatched it up. It looks like that set sells for about $75.







I also found this staircase from a vintage Fisher Price dollhouse for 25 cents. My auctions have not been so great lately but items have been selling through the store so that’s been good. Most of the items I have pictured in my recent posts have been sold.


I hope you are enjoying the beginning of summer and lots of good treasure hunting!!

3 responses to “A New Idea

  1. wbdesign2014

    Hey Jill. Too funny about the lady with the one little table! What was she thinking? Lots of tags but not much to buy this weekend for me either. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jesco von Puttkamer

    This week’s entry could have been titled “New England Finds and Francie,” but that might have compromised the integrity of your brand. I can see why you elected to eschew such frivolous whimsy. As opposed to all the other kinds of more dire and pressing whimsy. Hello, once again. I am surprised by how much the Boy Scouts continue to rely for their funding on tag sales. I was under the impression that as a branch of the Defense Department they were more than amply supported by the Pentagon’s budget, like the Girl Scouts and Canada. Although even the Girl Scouts manage to supplement their own coffers with cookies and Girl Scout Brand Macrame Auto Part Replicas. Perhaps the Boy Scouts could take a page from their book and become a bit more self-reliant, say with a line of Boy Scout Camping Margarine, or they could begin charging nominal fees for their renown geriatric street crossing services. The point is, Episode 3 of “My Primetime Network Television Show” is now available for YouTubular viewing on a wide variety of platforms, and I think this would be an invaluable resource for your followers and the scouting community as a whole.

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