200 Families

The sale I went to on Saturday was advertised as a 200 family tag sale. There were lots of people there but at least 50% of them were dealers. I don’t think families have giant trucks. It was pretty overwhelming. I think I found some good things, and, as always, I made some mistakes. I found an adorable Laurel Burch cat handbag which I didn’t realize until I got home, smells like moth balls. I found a really cool Harley Davidson denim and leather jacket that had a musty odor which went away after washing it and drying it out in the sun. I found a Calico Critters nursery playhouse with a ferris wheel and tea cup ride. Very cute. I paid $7. I purchased a Swedish Chef stuffed doll from the Muppet show for 10 cents. That was a good deal. I purchased a lot of 11 Ben 10 action figures for $6. I hope they do well. I purchased a fake Kate Spade bag with a matching fake wallet. I am the queen of buying fake handbags. I’ve purchased fake Coach bags and a fake Jimmy Choo bag. Once I realize what I’ve done they go straight in the garbage.








Earlier in the week I stopped by the thrift store and bought a beautiful Folkmanis peacock puppet. I have a weakness for puppets. I also found these adorable Pocket Dolls by Joan Anglund Walsh. I had a few when I was young and I have an affection for them although they are not very valuable.






I hope you are enjoying good weather and exciting finds!

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