Good Things in Small Packages

This weekend a lot of what I got was quite small. I went to a sale with a $20 early bird. That is too much for an early bird but I had to see what kind of spectacular sale had this expensive of an early bird price. Well -of course- it wasn’t so spectacular. It was a lot of furniture and high end china. I found 2 baskets in the toy area for $2 each that had figures, cars and little things so I bought those and hoped for the best. This is what came out of those baskets after it was all sorted out.













At least these are the items that I think have some value. The top picture are of figures called Hershkins. They have heads like Hersheys Kisses!


Besides those 2 baskets, I picked up at this sale an orange Dala horse and a stuffed Pink Panther. Somehow I need to make at least $35 just to cover the cost of this sale. Not a good strategy!






My most interesting find, at a different sale, was this handbag shaped like a teapot! Several years ago I found a bag by the same company, Pylones, shaped like a watering can. That one sold for $10. I’m kind of loving this one though.




The deal of the day was a small bag of playmobil items marked $.50, also at the second sale. Playmobil used to sell like crazy – no matter what it was. Now, only certain sets sell. This one turned out to be a dentists office which seems to sell fairly well.





One more item I found was a blue and white small Pyrex bowl with a cute pattern. It is the same size as the yellow one I found last week. If I didn’t have to sell them I might start collecting this small size of Pyrex. They are very sweet.




Well, those were my adventures for this weekend. More fun than profit I think!

9 responses to “Good Things in Small Packages

  1. wbdesign2014

    I learn so much from your blog. These sales are getting crazy. $20 early bird? I thought $10 was bad. Love the Hershkins. They remind me of smurfs. I ran across a set of Madaline clothes, new in the box, but the box is a bit crumples, so we’ll see. Take a look at the gigantic bowls I’m selling. They are over the top!

  2. The dress is cute. It shouldn’t make a difference if the box is a little crumpled. Where did you find all the wooden pieces?

    • wbdesign2014

      I found them at an estate sale…on the second day…totally ignored. I bought a couple small bowls and took them home to look them up. When I saw what they were worth, I went back for the rest. I got the whole set for $12. They just wanted to clear out the house. Vintage Hawiian stuff does good.

  3. I have considered collecting that size of pyrex, too. That way you could get a “sample” of all the patterns.

    And, I’ve never heard of an “early bird”. Ours are just first come, first served!

  4. I love Dala’s. The Pink Panther looks so depressed, lol. Great piece of Butterprint! It’s one of my fav Pyrex patterns.

  5. He does look depressed but I think he’s supposed to look cool. I think he’s depressed because of the $20 I had to pay to get in.

  6. Emil Valedosta

    Once more Jill, you have proven yourself to be to the world of tag sales what Hemmingway was to the world of bullfighting. Of course, you have the courage, conviction, and some third quality beginning with a “c” to actually go and participate in the sales, whereas Hemmingway was content merely to sit in the stands, drink himself into a stupor and tell himself he’d done a good day’s work as long as he punched someone in the face. Am I saying you are better than Hemmingway? Perhaps. That is for others to judge. I must judge other things. For instance there is a jam and jelly judging competition that calls for my almost immediate attention. First, I must find out the difference between jam and jelly. I’m pretty sure I know what preserves are, but that will do me no good, as I learned last year when I found myself in this same predicament, and whenever a jam and/or jelly was presented to me I very dismissively said “Sure, it’s good, but it’s not what I’d call ‘preserves’ good.” You might ask why I didn’t take the time to figure out the difference between jam and jelly in the year between then and now. The embarrassing answer to that is I spent every single day trying and was still unable to do it. I think maybe I’m just not very good from telling things from other things that are very similar to them. For instance that purse that looks like a teapot, if it was on the counter sitting next to an actual teapot, I would have to pour water into both of them and put them both on the stove, and see which one burst into flames before I could definitively say which was which. This is why I am no good at picking out kitchenware.

  7. Please don’t pour water into my handbag.

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