A Beautiful Weekend for Sales

The weather this weekend was absolutely beautiful. The was a church sale advertised only about 30 minutes from me that I was looking forward to. I had never been there before but it sounded like it might be good. However, when I walked in there was a table with some cool vintage items on it. On each item was the antique appraisal price, and then their price. So every item was researched by an appraiser and given a price slightly lower than a price it would be given in an actual antique shop. In other words – super expensive. So – forget that place. I found a few things at 2 other sales. I found some Madeline doll items that were in their boxes still. 






Another item I found was this sweet curio box. When I found it it had a dried rose and some lace inside. I removed the rose and the lace and cleaned it up. It was only $.50. 




Nothing too spectacular this weekend with another one fast approaching! Looking forward to seeing what you have found out there!




One response to “A Beautiful Weekend for Sales

  1. Jodi Spencer

    The curio box is too cute! I love your blog keep blogging away!

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