Do you ever find valuable items when going late to a sale?

Here’s my dilemma. It’s Friday and there are 2 huge church sales starting in a town about an hour away. I have to go to work. So do I visit them after work or just forget about it because they will be completely picked over and I will be spending money on gas. The right answer is to forget about it. The answer I picked is to go anyway. Have you ever found something really great after a sale has been on for a long time. Today I spent a total of $10 on the 2 sales. Not counting gas. I never count gas. And guess what? I didn’t do very well. I was excited to find a vintage Godzilla toy in a plush bin. He was from 1987 and he is supposed to be able to walk and have eyes that light up. If he can do these things he can go for about $40. Mine cannot do anything. He is worth $0. He is a looker though.


I mentioned in the last post that I am looking for some yellow items for my cabinet. I found 2 charming Pyrex bowls in yellow for $.50 each and bought them for myself. When I found out that I was not making any money on the other stuff I bought I decided – just for fun – to look up the Pyrex and lo and behold, the little striped bowl can bring about $20. I wanted to keep it but now I feel like I have to sell it to make the trip worth while. I will keep the other one I found. I found one other thing that I think is cool and will try to sell. It is a piece of square fabric in red, white and blue with a recipe for paella in Spanish on it. It has awesome retro illustrations. I don’t know what it is really – may be a tea towel?






Hope this weekend brings you lots of wonderful finds!


2 responses to “Do you ever find valuable items when going late to a sale?

  1. wbdesign2014

    That yellow stripped bowl is fantastic! And the hanky is very cute. Can’t wait to see what they go for! As to the duds…I save mine up and participate in a vendor tag sale. Last 2 times, my profit was $60, just selling stuff for what I paid. Toward the end, the vendors start swapping, and you can get rid of stuff in exchange for their stuff. How much fun is this business? I’m off to an 8am sale. Good luck today!

  2. I usually trash my duds. I just don’t have the room to store things. That sounds like a fun day though.

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