Being Late and Lost and Memorial Day Weekend

I had a new church sale to go to on Saturday morning and it is very important to get to the bigger sales early with all the competition out there. This one was quite far from me in a town I had never been to before. Well, I got lost which is hard to do especially when you have GPS. I got there 20 minutes after it opened and it looked like much of the stuff was already gone. I picked up a Star Wars 3D puzzle which I was happy to see had the pieces still sealed in plastic. I picked up a remote control car. This was a more modern one. The green 1986 car I picked up a few weeks ago sold for $132! I was waiting on line to pay when I spotted it. A box half under a table with what looked like a bag of legos peeking out. I pulled it out and it had about 6 bags of legos. Mixed in with the legos were some Fisher Price items. I’ll take it! Of course there was no price on it and when I brought it up to pay for it the lady says “Oh. These are legos. These are very valuable.” Oh no. She asked $25 for the box which was a lot. I sorted all the items out and hope I can make enough to make it worth it.




I was planning to go to another sale after the first one which opened later. I was planning to get there before it opened but because I was late to the first one, I was also 20 minutes late to the second one. This was at a Jewish center that I go to every year near my house. It is hit or miss even when I arrive on time. I found one thing – another Dansk salt and pepper grinder. Unfortunately there is a little damage to two of the handles on the side.




Hope you all are enjoying the long weekend and finding items that you are not being overcharged for because people think they are super valuable and never take into account all the work and fees that actually go into selling items on line. Sorry for the run-on sentence.

2 responses to “Being Late and Lost and Memorial Day Weekend

  1. wbdesign2014

    Hey Jill, I’m with you! Hate when they overcharge. I’m learning a lot from this blog. Last weekend I was at a church sale and encountered the .50 cent plush box. I stood there wondering…what would Jill like in here? When I spotted the vintage Ernie puppet! Turned out he had horizontal stripes on his arms making him more valuable. Sold for $24! Thank you for sharing your finds!

  2. I loved the puppet when I saw it in your listings. I had that when I was a child! I also had a Miss Piggy Puppet which is also valuable. I found one this year at a sale but the foam inside her was so dry and deteriorating that she keep leaking this awful red dust and I had to through her away : ( Looking forward to seeing what else you found! I went to a big flea market yesterday and found some stuff for my own collections. I am going to do another post about it later today.

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