Mother’s Day Weekend Finds

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! This was a nice weekend for sales even though it rained off and on on Saturday. I went to a sale at a church festival that I overheard some people talking about at the Boy Scout sale I had gone to. It turned out that they had a toy tent which is one of my favorite things! I found some Fisher Price items, some Playmobil and some Mego figures. Many of the Fisher Price items need cleaning so they are not photographed yet. Two of the Mego action figures are monsters – Frankenstein and Dracula. Those were the best among the ones I bought. The Mego figures are from the 70’s. Mego made tons of action figures and some can be very valuable.






Before I hit the church sale I went to a sale at a school. There was not much there but don’t forget to check the stuffed animal bins. I found a Baby Bear Surprise with 4 babies in her! I did not know there was a bear version of these toys. I knew there was a Puppy surprise and a Kitty surprise that were collectible. Keep an eye out for them!





I am also listing some vintage RC cars that I found at the church I went to last Thursday night. I don’t know much about these items except I saw some people talking about them on Youtube so we’ll see what happens.




Finally, I had a situation with a customer who bought a Barbie doll after asking me a million questions about it and requesting that I put a buy it now on the auction for her. She is unhappy with the doll and returning it. She says it smells too musty. One of her questions to me was “Does the doll have a musty smell?” Guess what I said? “Yes – it does.” And yet she purchased it and is now returning it for that reason. I find that costumers that ask tons of questions are the first to be unhappy with their purchase. I think those people are really better off making their purchases in a retail setting. Ebay is not for everyone.

Hope you had some good finds and a great weekend!!

6 responses to “Mother’s Day Weekend Finds

  1. Joaquin Leotarditis

    I really like the way you mentioned the Boy Scout sale and a few items from previous entries in several posts. It gives your site a narrative through-line and draws the reader into the experience of going to the tag sales along with you. I’m now emotionally invested in what happens to Baby Bear Surprise. Will someone want her and her cubs? Will you discover other previously unknown Baby Surprise species? What will become of Mildew Smell Barbie? Why would they even make such a doll? I’ll bet she would sell if you had some of her accessories, like the Fetid Food Filled Fridge or the Rusted-Out Run-About Dream Heap. Looking forward to your next post!

    • Ya know Ned, it takes me a while to figure out that it is you who is making these coments. At first I read along thinking that it is actually a real reader making a comment. But when I came to how you were emotionally invested in Baby Bear surprise I knew it was you Uncle Blimpie.

  2. Great Little People figures ! Are some wooden or or are they all plastic ?

    • Most are wooden, some are mixed and some are plastic. I used to find Fisher Price little people items all the time but not so much anymore. Too many people snatching them up before me!

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