More Dolls and Toys

Last time I mentioned a case of Barbie items that I bought for $10. I sorted through and found a Skipper doll with some outfits, a Bubble cut Barbie plus some outfits and some Ken clothes. It was fun to look through. I like the older outfits with the snaps and tiny zippers they used instead of the velcro they use today.




On Saturday I went to a large sale that I have been to many times before. It is in a very nice neighborhood and they hold it twice a year. Each time I’ve gone it has gotten worse and worse as far as finding things to sell. I suspect that it is pre shopped by volunteers or something. So this time I actually did not purchase one single item : (  Did I mention that I got up at 6:00 AM to get there early?

Earlier in the week, on Thursday night, I went to a church sale that opened at 7PM. I was able to find some items there. I found some lovely dolls. One is a French doll called Poupee Bella. It think poupee means doll or puppet. She has beautiful clothes and is very pretty. Another doll I found is a flower girl doll with a felt body and felt hands. She has no markings on her but she looks to be from the 70’s or so. In the plush pile there was a little Steiff bear. I got very excited when I saw the yellow tag and ear button. The sign said “stuffed animals $.50.” When I brought him up to purchase him the lady said “Do you know what this is?” I said “Yes – it’s a Steiff bear.” It think she was having a hard time selling it to me for $.50. It is really not even that valuable anyway but I was excited to get it. The best find there was a box of He Man figures. It was very dirty but I washed them all and found there were about 20 figures and accessories. They are from the 80’s and some eighties toys can do well.




Friday afternoon I went to a local community sale. It had started at 9 am and I didn’t get there until 3:30. Usually this results in no finds but sometimes you can still get a treasure later in the day. I went to the toy area and there was a box of doll clothes. I saw a pretty blue dress that was very well made and thought of the American Girl doll Felicity. Sure enough, there were 6 pieces of Felicity’s clothes in the box. They were 2 for $1. Happy dance!


Hope you are enjoying good weather and fun finds!!



9 responses to “More Dolls and Toys

  1. wbdesign2014

    Jill, you’re doing a great job finding nice stuff, and not bringing home piles of junk…like the stuff I had to sell off yesterday at the church tag sale. Tons of fun! Made some money, got rid of the piles, and enjoyed the day. Now there is lots of room in the attic…now the challenge…just buy the good stuff! Thanks for sharing! Love the dolls!…PS: they added an add to the end of your blog.

  2. Ive just had a little batch of dolly sales in the ebay shop , they wont make me rich but i did only pay pennies for them at the church thrift

  3. wbdesign2014

    …Also, we didn’t miss anything at sinks. A lady I know from the consignment store said she went on Friday. If you have a relative that works there, you can pay $20 to go in on Friday. She said it had already been shopped by the volunteers and there was nothing good that she could find. have a good week!

    • I knew something was up with Minks to Sinks! It sounds like you had a good day at the sale. Was there any shopping for you to do there?

      • wbdesign2014

        No, I didn’t buy a thing…but I did some trading with my neighbors to the side. I got some slacks, candles and a mermaid tote!

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