Crowded Sales

The first sale I went to on Saturday was a Boy Scout sale and at 7:45, when I arrived, there was a pretty big line for the 8:00 early bird. As I waited I overheard people saying things like “there isn’t as much stuff as last year” and “the volunteers pre shop all the good things.” I don’t know if they were trying to make other people leave or what but there was tons of stuff there. It was very crowded which made it hard to look at things. I got quite a few items and spent $30 plus the $10 to get in. I think the best thing I got was a shoe box of items in ziploc bags marked Dansk on the bags. There were salt and pepper shakers and napkin rings that were not marked Dansk on the items. I hope they are Dansk because that is how I am selling them. There was a pepper grinder similar to the one I wrote about last time. The box was $20 which I was unsure about but hopefully it will do well. I got some Playmobil items, a caterpillar pull toy and 2 Cars costumes. I also got a vintage Old Maid card game which is fun to look at. I like the illustrations.


I went to three other sales later that day. At one I made the mistake of buying a Peter Rabbit ceramic cup and bowl that were marked Wedgewood. I paid $10 for the pair and when I got home I noticed a big gray mark on the rim of the bowl and guess what? In excellent condition the set would only bring $10. I don’t get it. Wedgewood – good. Peter Rabbit – good. Peter Rabbit by Wedgewood – not so good.





Today is Sunday and there was a community sale in a parking lot not too far from me. One lady brought out a vintage Barbie doll case. It had a note on it that said “2 dolls and clothes $10.” I was hoping the dolls were as old as the case and it appeared that they were. While I was looking at it the lady said “I know this is worth more but I don’t know what to do with these.” I don’t know if I was supposed to offer her more money than $10 but that is not something I do. So I said “I’ll take it for 10.” and I purchased it because I do know what to do with it – sort it, research it, wash it, photograph it and list it! It will be quite a project and I will post some photos when I start it.


I hope you found some great stuff this weekend!


5 responses to “Crowded Sales

  1. wbdesign2014

    Nice Dansk items! They had a boy scout sale near me, packed with stuff but I couldn’t see to find any gems. They did the early bird special too, but I didn’t do that. I picked up some good things on Friday. There was a huge estate sale at a historic inn. I figured everyone would be going there, so instead, I went to a family run sale, and found some goodies. Next weekend I might be participating in a church tag sale as a vendor. It gets mobbed and they only charge $30 for the day. I hate to miss minks though…thanks for sharing!

    • I will look for your new items to be posted! It is getting harder to find good things at minks because it is so popular now. There is a church sale in Somers on the same day that might be better. You’ll probably have fun being a vendor and sell some stuff too!

  2. Loving your Old Maid cards! I found a set last week, I want to find more, I won’t be satisfied until I find the set I had when I was little. Visiting from Thriftasaurus

  3. Roderick Pedigrieu

    I entered my email into the FOLLOW box and I hope that entitles me to be a subscriber. I would not mind just being a follower, but it sounds so much more outsidery and wanna-be than having the status of one who subscribes, with its attendant notions of shared beliefs and values. How about this – I will consider myself a subscriber, and if asked I will identify myself as such, unless and until I am told otherwise, that I am somehow using this designation sans proper authorization.

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