Mixed Bag of Finds

This Saturday I went to two church sales and one scary estate sale. I couldn’t get out of the estate sale fast enough. It was very high on the creepy factor. The first church sale was pretty expensive. I’m not sure how I did because many of the items were $5.00 and up and I spent about $35 there. My best find was a talking chess game. I also found a bag of Fisher Price knights and pirates. Other than that I bought a plush Thumper and a Disney board game that I think I’m going to give to my nephew. I spent $13 on a Rokenbok set which I think was a mistake. 




The second sale was also at a church but there were no prices on anything and when you brought your stuff up to the check out the sweet ladies were arguing whether they should charge you 50 cents or 25 cents for an item. I bought 4 items there and spent $2. Of those there are only two I will try to sell. One is a Snoopy ceramic figure and the other is an oilcloth tablecloth. I got an adorable wooden mouse there made in Spain but it turns out she is missing her tail I get to keep her : )




At the thrift stores this week I found a bag of vintage Littlest Pet Shop animals. Some of them sell well. I also found a Handy Manny tool kit which seems to sell. This was another item I went back for after I looked it up at home and found it was worth some money. I look stuff up in the store but there are things that I am “sure” aren’t worth anything. Then later, just for fun, I look up items I remember seeing and sometimes I am surprised.




It’s supposed to warm up here in the northeast…someday…maybe.

2 responses to “Mixed Bag of Finds

  1. wbdesign2014

    Hey Jill, those look great. I should leave the toy shopping to you. I got a 1978 Playmoble Pirate ship for $6, but, it didn’t come complete, so isn’t worth that much. Take a peek at it when you get a chance. Could part it out…oh well. Also found a set of antique brass stencils for $5, and a vintage cutco utensil set for $3, but the ladle is flawed…I’ll try it anyway. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I really was trying to find some more vintage items but I don’t seem to have much luck with it. It’s the toys that I seem to know more about and find more of. I think Playmobil prices are going down a little. I got an aquarium set that I bought last year and didn’t list yet because it’s not worth much. 3 weeks until Minks to Sinks!

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