Here’s something funny that happens when you look for stuff at sales. Sometimes you find something you’ve never found before and then the next time you find another one of the exact same thing or a related item. This is what happened to me. Last week I found the Liddle Kiddle with the cowboy boots for a figure called Calamity Jiddle. This week I found the horse that goes with the set at a church sale. I thought that was amazing! Unfortunately, I already listed the cowboy boots because otherwise I definitely would have listed them together!


In the bag with the horse were 6 other Liddle Kiddle dolls. Very cute but unfortunately many of them have silver spots on their bodies. I guess this is something that happens to Liddle Kiddle dolls over time. I am selling them together as a lot. Who knows, maybe people pop the heads off and can put them on bodies where the heads were not in good shape. 




At this church sale I also found a few Fisher Price items including a farm, the dump truckers set and a bag of accessories for the school set. Fisher Price does not sell as well for me as it used to but some items still do well. 






I was excited about my toy finds (I love toys) but my best find was probably this heart shaped trinket box with a cat perched on it. It is by a company called Herend Hungary. It was $3 and they seem to sell for about $30.





Well, sale season is here it seems. Happy hunting!

2 responses to “Coincidence

  1. wbdesign2014

    Talk about coincidence…I used to have that little kiddle on the bottom row with the red dress…and I may still have it. It came in a plastic bubble with an ornate plastic frame around it, like a locket. I bet those lockets are hard to come by. Amazing you found a trinket box worth $30! I have gotten stuck with some and try to stay away. I’m always trying different things to see how they sell. The hood ornament sold for $45! Spring at last! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved Liddles Kiddles when I was young. My favorites were the ones in the perfume bottles. I think I had one of those locket ones too! Great result on your hood ornament! That adorable elephant was a great sale too!!

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