Is It Finally Here?

I think that yard sale season has begun! There were four sales near my area this weekend. They were all indoors which was good because it still feels like winter. There were two good ones. One was at a church and the other was a Women’s club children’s sale. I picked up a few vintage items. The first is a sweet red bird crib toy that plays a lullaby when you pull the string. The second is a birthday card that has a wooden puzzle inside. The card is actually a box that holds blocks inside that make a puzzle. I picked up a Winnie the Pooh game from 1964. It is not worth much more than $10 but I picked it up for $2. It has 4 cute colorful character movers. Those items were at the church sale and were very reasonably priced which is wonderful when you are hoping to resell. I also found the stuffed dog there which is an American Girl doll pet. He was in a bin of stuffed animals for $ .25. Happy dance! Another item we picked up for $.25 were the Pokemon polly pocket sized play sets. They are not that valuable but if you have a number of them you can sell them together for a bit.

Later we went to the children’s sale where they had a lot of toys, many of which were expensive. Some items were reasonable. I picked up the club penguin hockey set for $3 and the Little Einsteins rocket for $2. Unfortunately the rocket does not move properly so I am hoping to sell it for parts or to someone who can repair it. There were also some Little Einsteins figures of Leo.



I had some sales over the weekend. The Disney paint by number pictures finally sold for $45. I purchased them for $18. I sold a talking plush bunny and the Fisher Price dinosaur that was in its box. I am hoping that sales will pick up as Easter approaches. What are you finding out there?

2 responses to “Is It Finally Here?

  1. wbdesign2014

    Hi Jill,
    Another nice haul!

    Friday I went to an estate sale. This estate sale guy is usually pricey so I looked low in the basement. I found six vintage Stanley and Miller Crossing chisels and mid-center furniture legs…of all things…$18 for the lot. The tools have surface rust and need cleaning, so there is some work to be done. The Stanleys sell in the $20-25 range each, and the Miller all together should bring that in too. I’ll try to get $20 for the legs…a bit odd but that’s how you learn. Thanks for sharing!

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