Some Sales and Some Finds

I have had a few sales this week. The pull string pig sold – even though I kind of didn’t want it to. It sold for $15. I also sold the My Little Pony bed sheet for $24. I was happy about that. I have 3 thrift store finds to share with you. I popped into a Salvation Army one night before a class and found this Folkmanis alligator puppet. I have had some good luck and some bad luck with Folkmanis puppets. I am a fan of them and I tend to buy what I love. I use them when I teach preschool. This one was not cute and it was kind of scary and for those reasons I thought it might sell. It has realistic teeth and beady eyes.

At my favorite thrift I found this Byers’ Choice Caroler figure. I should save her for Christmas but I’m going to put her up now and see what happens. Some of the Byers’ Choice items can sell well. There are many figures out there that look similar so you have to check the label on the bottom. The last thing I picked up was a toy Braun coffee maker. I thought it was neat because it looks so realistic.


This weekend I went to a pretty bad sale at a high school that I was very excited about beforehand. I also went to 2 estate sales very late in the day that seemed completely picked over. I did find some vintage greeting cards which are very sweet and I am hoping to be able to salvage a weekend of bad finds with them.


One response to “Some Sales and Some Finds

  1. wbdesign2014

    Another nice batch! Love the toy coffee maker…that will go for sure. And I will be waiting to see what happens with the vintage greeting cards, as I have a large box to sell someday. 2 more week till spring!

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