A Better Week

March is finally here and sales seem to be picking up. I had 4 sales today (March 1)! I sold the white Gund Bear for $10 and the two Madeline dolls for $12. Recently I had picked up a Crossfire game which I have sold in the past. Today it sold for $49.99! Now for the challenge of shipping it.

This week I bought a few items at the thrift store to sell. My favorite is a Fisher Price Cookie Pig pull toy, dated 1965. He is similar to a mouse I had as a child that was produced by FP at the same time. The mouse had a yellow plastic broom that moved from side to side as you pulled it. If I had found that one I would not be able to part with it. I also found a green Dala horse which I learned about by reading blogs. I think it is an unusual color and I am hoping it will sell for about $20.

I found two items new in their packages. Because of that I had to pay a little more than usual for them so I hope it pays off. One is a Breyer pony set and the other is a coat for a Corolle doll. Corolle dolls and related items seem to do fairly well. Of course I had to find a plush. This time it is the dragon Toothless from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. My son found the polaroid portable printer. It could do well but we have no way to test it since it didn’t come with the charger. ImageImage

3 responses to “A Better Week

  1. Fun finds. Thanks for sharing them at TTF!

  2. wbdesign2014

    Another great batch! Do you have any advise for someone who wants to get educated about plush? They are always at every sale, but I only know of 2 that are good. 🙂

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