End of February Finds

February is almost over. That means March is almost here which means tag sale season is almost here!! I found a few things this week at the thrifts and attended one estate sale. I found a Waechtersbach sugar bowl in the Winter Dreams pattern. I saw it one day and left it there. When I researched it at home I realized I should have bought it and luckily it was there the next day. It was $4 and I’m hoping to sell it for $24. I found 2 plush animals. One is Doug, the talking dog from the movie Up. I love him. I sold one like him over the summer. The second plush is Perdita from 101 Dalmations. I’m hoping to get $20 for her. I saw the little cream colored basket on the top shelf at the Salvation Army. I thought it was a vintage purse at first but it was marked on the bottom Bitty Baby American Girl. It won’t sell for much by itself so I will save it until I find more Bitty Baby items.

While I was on line paying I saw someone had scored a red Bitty Baby tricycle. That’s a good find. I found more sheets. This time My Little Pony. The last thing in the picture is a group of 3 ceramic measuring cups by Menschik Goldman Inc. that I found for $3 at an estate sale. The cups have little bees on the side and when you turn them upside down and stack them they turn into a bee hive. I’m in love.

The only problem is that the set is missing the 1/3 cup piece. I will be on the look out for it onImageImage

ebay to complete it for my collection. I’ve had a few sales – the bluebird crib toy and the Lego building set. I’ve had 2 non paying bidders which is discouraging but – oh well. Move on. Happy thrifting!!

2 responses to “End of February Finds

  1. wbdesign2014

    Great eye! I love the beehive bowls. Wish you were with me today. There was a pile of plush toys and I was trying to pick one out. In the end, I thought they were too “loved”, and opted for an old deluxe scrabble for $2, set of legos for $3, and little toy gun for $1…which someone selling one like it for $16. All in all, a very fun day, and yes, spring is around the corner…and we can get the real bargains. Can’t wait! Thank you for sharing your finds!

  2. Those scrabble sets can go for good money sometimes. If you find the sets with the different colored letters – like blue – just the letters themselves sell for over $20! Sounds like you had a good day!

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