More Snow and an Estate Sale

This continues to be one of the snowiest winters. There was an estate sale on Saturday that I went to late. I found an interesting looking little bird that looks mid century modern to me. There is a signature on the bottom that I can’t read. It was $3 so I bought it. My favorite item was a red metal lunch box for $5. I like the worn look of it and the color. I am trying to sell it but right now it is sitting on another metal lunch box I have on the fireplace mantle and it looks just right there. I think I’ll be OK if it doesn’t sell! I only bought one thing at a thrift store that I paid too much for which is a newborn baby doll. There is a market for dolls that reborn artists use. They transform dolls to look like actual living babies that sell for hundreds of dollars. I have some auctions ending tonight. It looks like the ugly chicken and the large dragon will be selling. It’s funny how something that sells suddenly isn’t that ugly to me anymore. Stay warm and happy thrifting!ImageImage

2 responses to “More Snow and an Estate Sale

  1. wbdesign2014

    Nice finds Jill! And great photography. I have a similar lunchbox in black. They are 1930 – 1950s. Mine didn’t sell, so I’m holding on to it. I might refinish it, spray it white and do something artsy to it. At this point it won’t hurt the value. Can’t wait to see the baby doll!

  2. I didn’t know how old the lunchbox was. Thanks for the info. I would like to see the lunchbox if you transform it!

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