Well, when I started this post I was trying to answer the question of whether I could make a profit reselling items through the winter, like I do in the summer. When I looked at my January numbers, the answer would be – no. I only had 11 sales in January and if you just look at the sales, it looks OK. But when you start subtracting – cost of items, ebay fees, paypal fees, and fee for having an ebay store – my profit for the month of January came to a whooping $24.69. Wah Wah Wah.

I think some of the problems were that I spent too much money (over $10 each) on some items. Many of the items went right into the store and haven’t sold yet. So I subtracted what I paid for them and they might sell in the future. I will not give up because this has been a brutal winter here in the northeast and I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my thrift store escapades to look forward too. Anyway. February sales aren’t too bad so far. I have sold the Pooky beanie baby, the Nike shoes, the Spaghetteos bowls, the Jessie doll, the Monsters Inc. hat, the plush horse stuffed animal and the Pat Pat rocket. Some of these items were purchased in January and their cost was deducted from January’s sales.

Only a few purchases from last week. I found a little stoneware Fitz and Floyd figure for .99. I purchased an oversized Candy Land rug game which I have sold before. My best purchase was a set of 4 vintage Pac man bed sheets. I really hope they do well. My winter time entertainment depends on it.

P1230615 P1230622

2 responses to “Problems

  1. wbdesign2014

    The little figure looks like she’s saying “you can do it!” I keep cleaning out drawers and finding more stuff to sell. I can go shopping right here at home. Amazing the crap, I mean cool stuff, that I stashed away…just waiting to be sold.

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