Finds from the Week

The other day I went to a Salvation Army in a town near me, that I had never been to before. I am trying to look for more mid-century modern pieces but the toys and plush just seem to be the things that pop out at me. I found a white Gund Snuffle and large dragon from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. I did find a small brass owl that is somewhat MCM but not very valuable. I found a platter marked Homer Laughlin. The platter was not in good condition because it was very discolored and the design is off center. I like the design and the colors of it so I bought it. I can’t find a similar pattern on line.

Later when I went to my favorite thrift I found a singing Niall doll from the band 1 Direction. It was new in the box and it looks like it sells for about $20. I also picked up a Little Einsteins Pat Pat Rocket. Even though the top piece is missing I’m hoping to sell it for about $17.


2 responses to “Finds from the Week

  1. wbdesign2014

    You inspire me to hit the thrifts stores! Nice finds.

  2. Jodi Spencer

    wow that one direction doll is a good deal!

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