Today’s Lesson

OK. Here is today’s lesson. If you see a toy or a plush that is really bizarre and completely freaky – don’t walk away. Look it up if you can and if you can’t, and the price is low enough, it might be worth taking a chance on. I found this charmer today at Goodwill. At first I thought – no way. But since he had a big name on his tail – Uncle Skeeter – and I had my phone with me, I looked him up and saw completeds between $19.99 and $40.00. Good enough for me. For $2 the charmer was mine.


He was made by Xavier Roberts, the man behind the Cabbage Patch craze. Maybe all the cuteness got to him and he decided to go in a completely different direction. It seems that they didn’t really catch on like his earlier success. I can’t imagine why. 

One response to “Today’s Lesson

  1. Jodi Spencer

    I love all of your tips and ideas!!In all of this dreary snow your blog is so uplifting!

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