Disney Linens

I have had some luck selling character bed sheets. Last weekend I found this Classic Pooh set that included a twin flat sheet and pillowcase. It is the same set my daughter had about 10 years ago. I also picked up a Toy Story pillowcase with two flat sheets. It’s best if you can find a set that includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet and a pillowcase but 2 out of the three isn’t bad. I listed the Pooh set and it sold quickly for $24.99. I paid $4. Going back a few posts, the vintage doll sold for $29.99 and the Dansk pot sold for $19.99. Not too much profit in either because I paid so much for them in the first place. The Fitz and Floyd piece sold for $14.99. I paid $4.00. Wish it hadn’t had the chip. I have become obsessed with reading blogs about people selling items at thrift stores and yard sells. This can’t be a good thing but it is so much fun to see what others are picking up. The last photo shows what happens when I try to photograph something. One of my cats thinks he should always ImageImageImagebe what is featured in my photo.

One response to “Disney Linens

  1. Jodi Spencer

    You are soo funny!I really like your style!!

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