This Week’s Finds

This week I went to one estate sale and a few thrift stores. I find it very helpful to look up the value of items on my new phone on Ebay. It seems my instincts are often wrong so the phone saves me from making some bad buys. But somehow I still manage to. I also got some good items this week.

My son found 2 Minecraft swords at one thrift store and he was very excited about that. I also found a little drawing set that includes a horse model that is posable and a book. Originally I thought this item was new but then, after I got it home I realized that it wasn’t but I am going to try to sell it anyway.

My favorite find is the stuffed animal from the movie Alien. It’s that thing that comes out of everyone’s chest in the movie. It’s actually called a chestburster. I picked it up because it was weird looking and many times, unlike with people, that is a good thing. It only cost $1.00. I purchased an Easter Bunny for $1.00 because she is so cute. I took a chance on some Nike sneakers but they were $15.00 and I have to buy laces for them. People always write about how they sell shoes so I am trying it. I also bought some shoes that are not pictured because after I got them home I saw that they were dirtier than I thought and since they were suede, there was no cleaning them. $8.00 down the drain. At the one estate sale I went to I picked up the crystal Nambe candlestick holders. They cost $10 which is more that I would have liked to pay but I had to buy something because I just had to. I also went to my local thrift store which I forget about a lot and purchased a set of 4 placemats and napkins with ducks embroidered on them. The whole set was new in the package which actually looked kind of old. Many people seem to like ducks and duck things so for $3.00, I bought them.  ImageImageImage

One response to “This Week’s Finds

  1. Jodi Spencer

    You inspire me to go to estate sales more! Keep up the good work!

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