Thrift and Estate Sale Finds

Friday night I had to run an errand late so I decided to see, if I went to a thrift store later in the day, it would bring me good luck.P1230375 P1230366

Well, I think it did because the first thing I spotted was this lovely yellow Dansk casserole pot. It does show wear but it is big and marked with the older 4 ducks logo so I’m hoping to be able to sell it. P1230323 P1230325

I did have to spend $8.00 for it. I also picked up a Spirit plush animal. Sometimes the oddball plushes can sell fairly well. I also picked up this red teapot for myself. It is marked Japan at the bottom. I am collecting red, orange and yellow vintage items to display in the wooden hutch in my dining room.

The next morning I planned to go to an estate sale that had started the day before. The weather said that it was going to snow but at 9:00 there was no snow so I decided to venture out. This was a big old house. There were some dolls and this Ideal one caught my eye. She was marked $20.00 but was half off. I think she is in fairly good condition and has a beautiful face. I have a weakness for dolls. Well, when I left the house the snow was really coming down! I drove slowly and went to one more thrift store. I think I may have a thrifting problem because I should probably have gone straight home. But then I wouldn’t have found this Fitz and Floyd Easter cracker boat and the ty Pooky bear!

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