Can I still hunt for treasure in the winter?

I search for treasures at yard sales, flea markets, estate sales and thrift stores. I love looking through these places and finding special things that I fall in love with for my own collections, or to resell. I live in a pretty small town so I often have to travel a bit to find these places. In the winter, sales up here, where I live in New England,Image are nearly non-existent so I usually just pack it all up until spring. This year I am going to try to visit whatever estate sales I can find and the thrift stores, to try to keep my hobby going through this sometimes dreary winter season. This weekend, to my surprise, there were 3 estate sales and one moving sale. Three were awful-for my purposes, anyway. Prices were full on retail – as if I was in an antique shop on Madison avenue. I could almost tell right away that they were going to be bad for me because they were too neat. I need lots of mess and piles of stuff to look through. The last sale I went to was the best one. I wasn’t even going to go because it had already been on since Thursday and this was Saturday. But then I remember how many things I have found at sales where I wasn’t going to go, and then went after all. For me it feels like I have to go to about 8 sales before I find one that makes me happy. This sale was at a house with a basement with lots of fabrics and sewing supplies. I found some vintage button cards ( I especially like the pink ones), a length of gorgeous purple trim, a vintage Christmas tree topper and a glass jar with a bright red top. A very tiny haul for crafts and collecting, but it made for a fun morning on a foggy winter day here in Connecticut.

One response to “Can I still hunt for treasure in the winter?

  1. Jodi Spencer

    What a wonderful idea! I love your blog! Keep on writing

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