Rock ‘n Roll and the Lone Ranger!

I was able to attend one estate sale this weekend that was about 30 minutes away from me. There is still hardly anything to go to around here. This one intrigued me because it mentioned vintage toys in the ad. When I got there at 8:30 there was a short line outside this small house and someone said that he had let two dealers go in at 8:00. I guess they must have paid some extra money. I don’t know. There was quite a bit of stuff to go through so it was fun. I spent $23 and here is what I found.

I rudely reached over a lady to grab this Lone Ranger action figure. He was on a shelf above this woman’s head who was in front of me. I just got excited because he had a lot of his accessories like his hat, scarf, boots and gun. I though he was Mego but he was from another company called Gabriel. I am hoping to get $30 for him.

I have sold several vintage metal globes before. This is one of the less desirable ones but I think it’s cool and may make $18 on it. I like to display these when I am waiting for them to sell. It is by Ohio Art.


These are a new items for me to experiment with. They are those mirrors you can win at the carnival and they feature older rock and roll bands. One features the Doors and the other features Yes. I can’t find too much information on these but I thought I would take a chance on them.

I also picked up this very retro paint by numbers artwork featuring a girl wearing flower power pants and playing the guitar. It is very 1960’s and although it has a little damage I’m hoping it is unique enough to do well.


My last purchase were these two Littonware covered casserole dishes. These have a following and I am hoping to get about $15 for each even though they have some wear.


I had two purchases from the thrift store. I love this Lenox Shamrock from the China Treasures collection. It is only 3 1/2″ across. I hope it will sell for St. Patricks Day!


I picked up this 1985 Fisher Price Teddy Beddy Bear. I sold one of these last year for about $24 but that one had his blanket with him.


Two of the plush I found last weekend at the thrift store on Long Island have already sold for $24.99 each. They were the Fisher Price rabbit and the Gilbert cat from Caillou. So I keep shopping for plush!

Plush, Dolls and Scandinavian Pottery

No estate sales for me this week so it was back to the thrift stores! You never really know when the new stuff is coming out at the thrift stores but I happened to be there one afternoon when a whole bunch of toy bags came out from the  back. The first thing I spotted was this Quincy doll from Little Einsteins. I was saving a June doll from the same set. She doesn’t sell too when on her own but I am hoping to get $30 for the pair. They talk when you squeeze their belly.


I got a bit lucky with a small bag on a wall of household accessory bags. This small heart shaped plate by Joan Walsh Anglund caught my eye. I like her sweet characters with the big heads and small dots for eyes. When I was young I had a doll designed by her and I loved it. The bag was $3 and I was deciding whether to get it. There was another item in the bag which was a very small, leaf shaped dish. What sold me was that this second dish was marked Sweden. After researching at home I figured out that this small dish is by an artist or artist group called Stig Lindberg design for Gustavsberg. It is a Modernist piece from the 50’s or 60’s and hopefully I will be able to sell it for at least $50. The Anglund dish is not very valuable although I have not been able to find this exact piece on line.

I took a trip down to Long Island to visit with my sister and we went to a thrift store down there. Everything is bigger on Long Island. Her thrift store was huge with shelves upon shelves of bagged up toys and items and three shelves of plush. I spent $9 and purchased 4 stuffed toys.

This cat is Gilbert from the PBS show Caillou. This is a kind of obscure show that still has a devoted young fan base. I am hoping to get $20 for him.


I picked up a Scentsy Buddy which is a baby lion named. He still has his paper tag so I’m hoping that will help him to sell. Without his tag he appears to go for about $10.


My son had a whole collection of these stuffed animals when he was young. They are from Fisher Price and made of a thermal material. I believe they are called Cozies. I purchased a few off Ebay for him years ago. I was always on the look out for ones he didn’t have. So when I saw this guy he really tugged at my heart. I am hoping to sell him for $20. Of course I had to send a picture of him to my 19 year old son and say “Remember these guys?” I’m sure it’s just what he wanted to think about in the middle of a busy day at college.


The last plush is a small Hello Kitty. I picked her up because she was a Blockbuster promotional item. She’s eating popcorn. Remember renting movies at Blockbuster? She may bring $10.


Those were my finds for this week in February. Really waiting on Spring to come now!

Fun Mix of Estate Sale and Thrift Finds

I went to an estate sale near my town this weekend. It was on Friday and since there was a snow day and I work at a school, I was able to go. Like most estate sales I attend, the items they determine as being the good stuff is high priced. They had vintage sports pennants for $20 each and ceramic Christmas trees for $10. I always try to find the things they don’t see value in.

The first thing I found was this pair of decorated cocktail picks and holders. I think they’re pretty kitschy and unique. I have seen a similar set on Etsy where they are asking $18. There must have been a third holder shaped like an eggplant.


I was excited to find a box of vintage Hallmark Christmas cards with really cute illustrations. I saw someone on Etsy selling single cards from this set for $4. This box has 22 cards in it.

I think the best find at this sale was a collection of miniature perfume bottles marked Bloomingdales 7 Scents. I am hoping to get $24. I love the tiny glass bottles.


The last find was this Mickey Mouse club keychain. I picked it up because it is vintage Mickey Mouse and new on the card. Not worth a lot – maybe $10? The estate man charged me $9 for these 4 items which I thought was pretty good.


Thrift store prices are killing me!! I saw these lego head storage boxes and they were $5 each! It looks like they can bring $20 each so I bought them but that’s a lot of money to spend.


I love this old rolling pin with green painted handles. It was $2 which is almost like a tag sale price so I bought it.


Also marked $2 was this miniature Hello Kitty play set that came in its own box. Super cute. I used to buy this type of toy for my daughter to keep her busy at restaurants.

For another $5 (ugh) I bought this Winx fairy doll because she was still in her package. Similar ones seem to sell for $40 so I took a chance.p1380716

I forgot to mention this charming item which I’m in love with. Its a tiny metal box decorated to look like a house and when you open it up its all illustrated like a dollhouse. It is by artist Dana Kubick. I have sold two other metal boxes of hers. I always want to keep them. This one is only worth about $10 but I only paid $1.

That’s it for this wintery week. Valentine’s Day is almost here! Enjoy!

Vintage Cookbook, Dolls and Clothes!

You know I’m getting desperate when I start sourcing clothes to sell. Clothes are just not my thing. I don’t like washing them or measuring them and I don’t have a mannequin but here goes anyway. I purchased two pieces of clothing at thrift stores this week to resell. The first is a pretty pink spring dress by Eileen Fisher. I paid $11 for it which is too much. I am hoping to get $30 for it. It is something I would wear and I like the brand.


The second clothing item is a sweatshirt made to look like a knight in shining armor. It really stood out to me when I was looking at the clothing and they seem to sell well. It is called The Knight Hoodie. I think it may be used for cosplay. A man could wear it while proposing and be a knight in shining armor for his girl. It cost $6 and I’m hoping to get $50 for it.

My thrift store sells dolls in bags. I picked up a bag because this doll had a big eyed, anime look. She is a Takara doll from Japan and I’m hoping she will do well.

This item was in the glassware section. Somewhere I heard that some people collect juicers. This is a pretty blue one marked Arc France. It was $3 and I’m hoping it will bring $20.


Mary Englebreit is a popular illustrator. Some of her items sell well. When I looked this metal cup and saucer set up I saw similar ones selling for $20 so at $2, I picked it up. Maybe it will sell for Valentine’s Day!


Books are another item I don’t sell much of. I know a lot of people use an app to scan them and see what they are worth. I just spotted this for $1 at the thrift store and knew that this version of Betty Crocker cookbook is collectible. This is called the red pie book because of the cover. There are lots of these out there but this one is in good condition so I’m hoping that will help it sell.


Those are my thrifty finds for this week! Glad that February is here and March and spring aren’t too far away!!

Driving Far to a Winter Sale

I drove over an hour today to go to a sale because I miss sales so much. This one was advertised as a high school multi family fund raiser for a baseball team to go to Florida. That sounded to me like it might be good and since there was nothing else around I went. It was pretty small but fun! There was enough stuff to hunt through, although the prices were high. I over heard the lady talking to her friend and she said she could sell stuff on Facebook or on Ebay if it didn’t sell today. Not as good as those sales where they just want to get rid of stuff.

There was a wall of Vera Bradley bags and to give you and idea of prices, they were asking between $10 and $25 depending on the size. I wish I knew my patterns and knew which ones were worth a lot but I don’t. They also had wallets for $5.00 and since I couldn’t leave all that Vera goodness behind, I bought these two wallets. I am hoping for between $15 and $20 for them.

I spotted this small Dooney and Bourke coin purse. I convinced the lady that this was not a wallet and she sold it to me for $2.


I found a pair of boots in the shoe area. The shoes were marked between $5 and $10. I saw a pair of boots and they were marked Ugg on the bottom and were not the typical Ugg style. She sold them to me for $5. I think she would have said $10 had she realized they were Uggs. I believe they are men’s motorcycle boots and may do well.


This cute Winnie the Pooh Thanksgiving trinket box was $1. Yay! I love that price! It’s not worth a lot but it’s very sweet.


I think the best find was this set of Haba wooden blocks. I believe these toys are made in Germany. It is a nativity set. It was $5. It’s very heavy so I have to figure out the shipping cost before I can list it but I have seen similar sets selling for $50 so I have high hopes.


Coincidentally this is the second nativity toy I’ve found recently. The other one is this nativity sand box play set that I picked up at the thrift store. I wonder if these items will sell before next Christmas.


That was my tag sale adventure of the weekend. The weather has not been too bad around here. I wish more people would have some sales!

Best Plush Finds of 2016

Things are super quiet for me over here in chilly New England so I am going to do a Best Plush Finds post to help pass the time! The great thing about plush is that you can often get it for very cheap – often between 50 cents and a dollar. They are more at the thrift store – usually between $3 and $4 dollars. The bad thing about plush is that really only a small percentage of it is valuable. At least that’s been my experience. The following are 11 plush items that I bought fairly cheaply and sold for at least $19. Here they are.

This guy was quite old. I think from the 70’s or 80’s. He is the dragon from Pete’s Dragon. He was at a tag sale. It took me a minute or two to figure out who he was and then I was able to look him up and see that he had some value. He sold for $29.


This little cat is a Kitty Kitty Kitten. She is full of beans and makes a purring sound when you hold her without batteries. There are many different versions of these. I was excited to find her at the first of my only two trips to the outlet bins this year. She sold for $29.


This Jellycat of London fox came from the thrift store. Jellycat is a good name in plush. I find that the ones with the corduroy sell well. He took a while but finally sold for $19.


Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak is a very popular book. I grab these plush characters whenever I see them. I think these two were on the smaller side. They sold together for $19.


I hear the some Beanie Babies have value again. The only one I know of is this Godzilla that I found at a rummage sale. He sold for $25. There is a version with black eyes that sells too.


Steiff is usually a great find – especially if it’s vintage. I saw this sweet elephant at an estate sale. He’s very small and was marked $20. I was so excited but I knew that at $20 I couldn’t get much profit out of him. I offered $15 and they took it. He only sold for $25 because he did have some damage on his ear but I was just glad to own him for a while.


At the same rummage sale where I picked up the TY Godzilla I bought this Red Sox mascot plush. I had him up for $30 for a while but he didn’t sell until I reduced his price. He sold for $25. He was vintage and in very good condition.


This vintage cat Pillow Pal sold quickly for $19. She is from 1985 and I believe there was a whole series of them.


This monkey was a reproduction of an early plush toy. He still sold for $40 despite his odd appearance. He was a thrift store find.


This cat was a newer Steiff plush but still sold for $35. She was also a thrift store find.


The best plush find of the year was this vintage Steiff terrier. I found him in a children’s blue plastic swimming pool that was at an outdoor rummage sale. The pool was filled with old plush and toys. Everything was $1 – $2. I sold him for a best offer of $95.


So those are my best/most interesting plush finds of 2016. I hope you found it informative and entertaining. Now it’s back to my life of no tag sales to go to!

Some Thrifty Finds

Very sparse in the way of sales around here so I visited the thrift store this week and had some good luck.

Sometimes, even if you feel that you aren’t finding anything, if you keep looking and digging you can get something. The toy shelves at my thrift stores are usually quite messy. There is a sign that says “This is not a play area. Please supervise your children.” Ha ha. I was looking on the crowded shelves and saw the wing of a Pat Pat Little Einsteins Rocket. I have sold these several times before. The rocket alone can go for between $20 and $40 so I was very happy and surprised to see that this one had the four characters in it.


I picked up this vintage Dodgers metal serving tray. I’ll use the key words man cave in the title and hopefully that will help it sell. It’s in fairly good condition.


I saw this snowman on a shelf for $6. The price tag was covering the bottom of him but he looked like a Jim Shore piece to me. I looked it up before I bought him because some Jim Shore pieces have a good value but others don’t. I think I can get between $40 and $50 for this one so I took the chance. I really love the harbor scene he has on his belly. He is also not only a Christmas item but could be displayed all winter. At least that’s what I’m going to say in my listing!


In the doll section I found this Corolle doll. She would be good except her head is quite tilted and I don’t know how this will affect her value. She was $3.


My last thrift store buy was this pretty planner. It looks new, but the box it is in was opened. I also may have missed the planner buying window. I saw this one selling for $24 on line. If it is too late now I will hold onto it until next year since it is an undated planner. It cost $3.


There were 2 estate sales near me which I attended late the day. I only picked up two things at the first one. I got this Star Wars Darth Vader tape dispenser dated 1983. Who doesn’t need this on their desk? It was only 50 cents.


For an addition 50 cents I picked up a lot of 19 children’s Valentines Day cards from 1983. I love old cards so I had to get these. If they don’t sell I will keep them for my collection. I especially like the astronaut cards. I think these illustrations are so charming!

The other estate sale I went to was in a very old house with crooked wooden floors. There was a beautiful head vase on a shelf and I asked how much it was. The guy said $69. He said “We looked in up online.” Oh – so that’s how its going to be. I knew that if I bought anything it have to be something humble that they didn’t think was valuable and hadn’t looked up. I found a Nils Johan stackable canister. I asked the lady how much it was and she said the lovely words “How much to you want to pay?” So I got it for $5 and I was very happy. I kind of love it so I will keep it for a while before I sell it so I don’t have a picture of it.

That’s all the shopping I did this weekend. For a sales update I will mention a few things that sold from the estate sale I went to last weekend:

Shaker Maker lot: $59

Baby Crissy doll: $39 (buyer has not paid yet)

Fisher Price camper: $59

Some other items that have been in my store for a few months but have sold recently are:

IKEN create your own watch set: $26.99

Kitchen Littles kitchen island and food: $75

L.L. Bean vintage dog bag: $22.99

Dansko black clogs: $28.99

Kidrobot ice cream sandwich plush: $18.99

Dansk mid century teak pepper mill: $40

FDR ceramic plaque: $16

Hope you are all staying cozy this winter!!