Vera Bradley, LPS and American Girl

This week I had some luck at my local thrift store. First I found two bags of Little Tikes dollhouse furniture. Recently I sold a red van and some Little Tikes people for $29 so I was excited to find some more. I broke it up into 3 lots.  It cost $8.

I never heard of these vintage 1980’s toys by Tonka. They are called Keypers and they are supposed to have a tiny pet inside them. You can open their body up with the key they have around their neck. Mine doesn’t have the pet but it does have the key. She was $3 and I am putting her up for $24. I think she’s super cute. I thought she was a turtle at first but she is a ladybug. She has long legs for a ladybug.


The most surprising find from the thrift store was from the doll section. There were a few baby dolls in a pile for $3 each. This one stood out to me because she looked like she was good quality. When I looked at her marking I was surprised to see that it said American Girl. I was not familiar with this long haired Bitty Baby doll. I was saving a Bitty Bear that I found for $1 at a tag sale recently. The bears don’t sell on their own.



I went to one church sale on Saturday. It was fun because there were a lot of items to look through. The best items I found there were 2 bags of Littlest Pet Shop for $1 each. The last group of LPS items I had up sold for $59. (Unfortunately I lost $10 in shipping because they went to Utah). There were lots of cats and dogs which seem to do the best.

Most of the items at this sale were $1 and most of what I purchased will sell only for about $10. I like to sell items for a minimum of $20 but this is what was there this week.

I found 2 Vera Bradley wallets and a makeup case. People love Vera Bradley stuff! I see it all over.

One of my favorite finds is this sweet little Christmas decoration by Josef Originals. The deer and the tree are fuzzy. I love the face of the deer. It is a little discolored but I am trying to get $20 for this because of the charm factor. It’s only about 3″ tall.


I picked up a box of Eaton stationery because I saw a Youtuber who had success with vintage stationery. I like paper items.


Another paper item I found was this Art-tissue Halloween spider by Beistle. I had some luck last year when I found about 7 paper and tissue paper Beistle Christmas Carol figures new in the package at the thrift store. I have sold about 4 of them so far for $10 each.


I picked up this hot pink makeup case by Caboodles for $1. I bought it because it reminded my of a similar one by Victoria’s secret that I recently sold.

The last thing I will share is this Atari Plug and Play TV game console. Normally items like this usually sell between $10 and $15 but I will try for a little more because it’s new.


Those are the results of my adventures this week! Hope you all had some great finds!


Diversifying with Fabric, Purses and a My Twinn Doll

This weekend included several church sales, a temple sale and a yard sale. Surprisingly to me the tag sale was were I found the best items – even though this was on the second day of the sale. It was advertised as being a 12 family sale. I wasn’t finding many of the items I usually look for so I checked out the shoes and found a beautiful pair of blue Dr. Martens for $2!


Next to the shoes they had some bags. I saw this bag called Pacsafe. I never saw this brand before so I walked up the drive way and looked it up on my phone and found that they sell well. It has some kind of security feature to it. It’s brown with a pretty bright blue interior. They had $3 on it.

They also had some fabric for sale so I picked up this retired Susan Branch fabric called Tea Party. There was about 2 yards of it. She is a writer and a watercolor artist who is very popular. I didn’t know she had fabric too. It sold in 2 days for $29.99.


I also picked up this nursery fabric which is very cute.


Keeping with the theme of fabric I went to one church sale where I picked up this vintage tablecloth for $2. Unfortunately it has some staining. I recently purchased a vintage tablecloth for myself from Ebay for $39 and have been on the lookout for them ever since. I love the pink and the flowers. I arrived at this sale pretty late and this was my only purchase there.


I went to one church sale that was advertised as being huge with “thousands of items.” No truth in advertising here. I was just about 7 people set up with tables. I only found a few Littlest Pet Shop pets and these vintage children’s Disney hats which I think are from the 1970’s. I think they’re pretty cute. They were $1 each.


On Sunday there was a sale at a Temple near my house which I have been to every year. I went first to look at the toys on the table. I saw some larger dolls and there was a lady in front of me holding an American Girl Doll! I missed out by a few seconds. There was another large doll lying there which I recognized as a My Twinn Doll. The lady was blocking my way. She was looking at her American Girl Doll and so I rudely reached in front of her to grab the other doll. She gave me a strange look which I guess I deserved but I wanted that other doll. I think ownership at a tag sale occurs when the item is touched by the person. Not when you are standing in front of it. It’s not like I grabbed something out of her hands. I would never do that. I would probably never do that. Anyway – My Twinn Dolls were made in the 2000’s. You got a catalog and picked out the features you wanted your doll to have including face shape, eye color, hair color and hair style. I remember these because the year I got my daughter an American Girl Doll for Christmas, my sister in law bought my niece a My Twinn Doll. The idea is that you customize it to look like your child. Then you can buy matching doll and child outfits. I remember some kind of fiasco where my sister in law didn’t think the doll’s hair looked like her daughters and since she is a hair stylist she started to redo the hair then was unhappy with the whole thing. I think they were able to return it and get another one. These dolls are pretty collectible. Here is the one I got.

I also picked up a large lot of Littlest Pet Shop toys and some Minecraft figures.

Those were the highlights of the sales I went to this weekend. I am looking forward to the Fall rummage sales!!

Vacation Finds – Fisher Price and Vintage

I was on vacation for 2 weeks but you know I can’t stop thrifting and going to yard sales! When we were out on Long Island we went to an estate sale in a very old home. There were crooked floors, tiny rooms and a very narrow staircase. I made two purchases here. One was this hotel pin tray or ashtray. I got it because the style looked mid century modern to me. It is from a hotel in Yugoslavia.


I also picked up this red toolbox. I like the labeling on the lid.


At another sale I paid $10 for everything I bought which included a large lot of vintage Fisher Price items. I have broken them up into a few lots. The largest is this dollhouse with figures, cars and furniture.


These other lots also came from the same sale.

I also picked up a Teddy Ruxpin at this sale which I haven’t gotten to work yet.

At another sale I bought this Fisher Price Nativity set which I hope will sell around Christmas time.


I picked up this Tokidoki bag which is a good find except that it smells like perfume and that may prevent it from selling. It has such a cool print.


Of course after being out of town for two weeks I had to check the thrift store. I picked up a bag of Polly Pocket items and this interesting Dala horse which was originally from Ikea. It has some damage on it.


The bag with the Polly Pockets in it contained some Disney items and some rooms that go to a Polly mansion that you can build onto.


That’s all for this week! Hope you are enjoying these warm days!

Vintage Dolls, Dala Horses and More!

There was one good sale for me this weekend and a few yard sale fails. I really should stick with the bigger sales because I have such poor luck at the smaller sales. I spent $37 at the big church sale which included a $10 early bird fee. Here’s what I got.

There was a group of 7 carved wooden animals in a ziploc bag. I’ve never found/sold these before but it seems they might sell all together for about $20. They are about 2″ tall.


The reason I bought them was because they were in a bag with 2 Dala horses that I wanted. These swedish horses are collectible especially if you have an unusual color or size. Red is a pretty common color. The bag was unmarked and the lady charged $9 for the whole bag which seemed like a high price. I had the miniature Dala horse so I am putting all three horses together to sell.


I found this cute vintage Fisher Price picnic basket with some accessories inside. Fisher Price is becoming very common on Ebay. I’ll be lucky to get $10 – $15 for this set, but I think it’s really charming.


I found 2 vintage dolls. The first is a Madame Alexander Alice in Wonderland doll. She is missing some of her accessories like her white apron and headband. I believe she is from 1965 but it’s hard to read the date. I remember looking at holiday catalogs when I was young and wishing for these Madame Alexander dolls.


The other doll is a Diahann Carrol Julia doll. She is a character from a show that was from the 1960’s.

The best find from this sale is this miniature modern art chair that comes in a wooden crate from the Vitra Museum. I saw some writing on it and my first thought was “Oh no, some kid wrote their name on it.” Then I realized that it was autographed by the designer so it may help the value. I’m glad I figured that out before I tried to remove it!

Those were my finds for the weekend! Happy August!!

Here are some sales updates:

Yellow Kobenstyle pot: $34.99

He-man She ra lot with figures and horse: $44.99

Little Tikes red van and figures: $29.99

Bing & Grondahl tuxedo cat figure: $36.99

Glass and brass display cabinet: $39.99

Happy Halloween quilt pattern: $26.99

Lego Christmas village set: $39.99

Vintage Madame Alexander Little Women Amy doll: $47.50

Godzilla Beanie Baby: $24.99

Vintage Barbie, Fisher Price and $10 Early Bird Fees

I attended 3 rummage sales this weekend. Two of them had a $10 early bird fee which feels expensive but I’m OK with it when the prices in the sale are reasonable which was the case at the first sale I went to. The second Early Bird sale had very high prices and in that case the $10 seemed like a lot. Just ranting.

At the first sale there was a “boutique” section which I usually avoid. Most of the items in there were marked between $5 and $10 dollars. Everything else at the sale was unmarked as far as price and the lady at the checkout would give you a reasonable price for all of it.

I didn’t buy anything in the boutique. As usual I found most of my items in the toy area. The first item I picked up was this 18″ Patty O’Green Rainbow Brite doll. They don’t sell for huge amounts but I think I can get $24 for her if I hold out until holiday time. She’s nice and clean and very cute.


I picked up this next item because it was funky looking and new in the box. It is a member of a “Wind-up Band.” His name is Benny and he was designed by a Japanese artist. I think there is a market for him. I saw a similar one sell for $30.


My best find was a box of vintage Barbie Susy Goose furniture. There was a canopy bed, a vanity (missing the mirror) and an armoire. I’m hoping to get $30 for the armoire. The fun part was that when I got home and opened the armoire it was full of Barbie stuff!! Most of these items I believe are from the early 60’s and though none of it will make a fortune on it’s own, if all or most of it sells it should work out pretty well. Here are some photos of the furniture and some of the items that were inside. I didn’t photograph the bed yet.



The last item I picked up there was a Fisher Price farm from 1967. It is in good condition with lots of pieces!


So that was a really fun, exciting sale and worth the $10 entry fee because she only charged me $16 for all my stuff!

The other two sales I attended were not as good and were more expensive but here are some of the items I picked up at those sales.

This pretty paperweight was $5 but it was signed Seegers and Fein and I’ve had some luck with paperweights lately. Some key words I saw when researching this were solar system and it does look like a solar system with planets floating around.


I thought these Strawberry Shortcake melamine plates were sweet.


This Blenko pitcher has some imperfections but I was excited to spot it. It is the second Blenko pitcher I’ve been able to purchase.


Finally, here is Woodstock on a Ice Cream scooter. He is from the 1970’s. I was always a big Snoopy and Woodstock fan so I couldn’t leave this behind.


Hope everyone is having a fun summer of treasure hunting!!

Mid Century Modern, Star Wars and Vintage Toys

I went to 2 rummage sales this week and a few yard sales. At one church sale they had different colored stickers to indicate prices and I’ve noticed people getting out of control with these lately. I’m good with like 4 colors for  $1, $2, $5, and $10. Although for me, $10 at a rummage sale is pushing it. But the church sale that I went to on Saturday had 10 different colored stickers ranging from 50 cents to $10. Pink was $7, purple was $8. I couldn’t keep track. I just pulled what I wanted and decided to figure it out at check out. I’m glad I didn’t let high prices discourage me because the lady there looked in my bag and said “How does $20 for all of it sound?” and that sounded fine to me. Out the window with the colored sticker prices!

Here’s what I picked up there:

I bought this Polo Red cologne because it was new in the box. I don’t sell much perfume but this seemed like a good deal. I’m going to try to get $24 for it.


I didn’t pick up many toys at this sale. One I did pick up was a Ms. Frizzle doll from The Magic School Bus show which my kids used to watch when they were little. I always liked how her outfit matched whatever theme she was teaching. In this case she is wearing a solar system dress with matching earrings. I like the way they made her hair stick up sort of crazy.

The other toys I picked up was a group of Little Tikes items. I was saving a Little Tikes red van and hoping to find some other items to put with it.


I also picked up several needlework kits because they were 2 for a dollar. Many of them have little value but once in a while you can find a good one. I picked up 10 and out of that there are 3 I can sell. The rest I will donate.

The sale I went to on Thursday was at a synagogue where I spent about $45. This included a $5 early bird fee. I recognized this Star Wars play set piece because my son had one of these. It had a $.50 sticker on it so it was a no brainer. By itself it really wouldn’t be worth much but as I was walking around I spotted the box on the floor and that gives it value.


Also in the toy area I picked up this vintage plush Tigger. He is marked Walt Disney Prod. Japan. I wasn’t sure he was Tigger until I saw the Disney tag.


There was a box of cars and some looked vintage. I picked out about 8 that are Matchbox Lesney cars from the 1970’s. They don’t have a lot of value on their own and some are missing parts so I am grouping them all together.


My favorite find from this sale is a ceramic poodle by Lisa Larson who was a mid century sculptor. She does a lot of figures and animals and depending on the piece, they can sell well. It has a pretty funky finish.


This last item is also a mid century modern piece. I saw it at a tag sale about 20 minutes from my house and didn’t buy it at first. After I got home and figured out how to look it up, I realized I made a mistake and went back to see if it was still there. Usually when I get into this kind of situation – returning to a rummage sale/tag sale/thrift store to buy a piece that I should have bought when I first saw it but didn’t – the item is not there. This time, to my great surprise, it was still there. It is (apparently) a piece of 3D Brutalist Nail wall art and might bring upwards of $100. It will be a bear to ship but I’ll happily do it if it sells.


Those were the highlights of my hunting for the week! Hope you are all finding exciting pieces out there!


Beatrix Potter,Wood Toys and Smalls

There wasn’t too much for me in the way of sales this weekend. The church sale that I attended last weekend put an add in the paper saying they still had too much stuff and that they were having another sale. I usually wouldn’t go to a second weekend on a sale but there was nothing else around. I spent $10 and picked up a few interesting items.

I found this Beswick Owl from Winnie the Pooh. There were four other Winnie the Pooh characters there but Owl was the only one who wasn’t broken! Sad!


I picked up a Rinconada Artesania figure of a dove. Some of these sell better than others. I’ll be happy to get $10 for this bird, and for Owl above too.


This next item I actually regretted not buying last week and was surprised to see that it was still there. It is a Beatrix Potter pair of bookends. I kept checking them over for major cracks but I didn’t see any. There are a few small chips but I think that’s OK. I hoping to get $40 for it.


I picked up a few other small items to take a chance on. They are a pink tin from Dutch chocolate sprinkles, a melamine plate with a cute illustration of children, a Star Wars droid and a octagonal shaped picture of a cat.

It’s a fun challenge to find some stuff from a place that has been picked over.

I went to a som tag sales and only found a few things. One was this pretty glass curio cabinet for $2.


I also found a group of these toys called Anamalz for $1. They are made of organic wood. I don’t know why it has to be organic if your not going to eat it but OK. They are cute and they bend and pose.


So that’s about all I found on this super hot weekend on the east coast!


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