Books, Dolls, Plush, Halloween and Figurines

I was at a sale where the woman said she bought storage lockers. As I was looking around I didn’t see much that I was interested in. I was guessing that she sold all the good stuff herself. She had a few boxes filled with books. My daughter has been looking for one of the Dune books and there was a Dune book there. It was a beautiful book with a leather cover, gilded edges and a ribbon for a bookmark. I asked the price of the book and she said all the books are $1. When I got back in the car I called my daughter and found out that she had already read this version of Dune but while I was sitting there I decided to look the book up and found that it could sell for over $200. It was an Easton Press book which depending on the title, can be highly collectible. I went back and bought 22 more books for $22 dollars. Woo hoo!!

I found a few dolls at the thrift store the other day. This cute Christmas doll was in a bag hanging on the wall. It is a Madame Alexander “Dreaming of Sugar Plums” doll. I love her dress and hope she will sell for Christmas for about $24. On the same day I found this Gotz Puppe Modell doll. Some Gotz dolls can sell well, depending on their age and where they were made. This one sold quickly for $29.

I found a few plush items to sell. One sale I was at had these Mickey Mouse Memories plush for $3 each. There are 12 altogether in the set. Each one represents a different month. The ones I found are for August and December. I am hoping to get $20 for them. I was at a large flea market. A man there had a box of stuffed animals. I picked up this teddy bear dressed as a lion for $2 because it was jointed and made of mohair like a Steiff bear. It is created by artist Beverly White. Some similar bears are selling between $50 and $80.

I also have been finding some Halloween items to sell. This Gurley candle of a witch was a thrift store find for $4.00. She sold quickly for $23. At one sale I picked up a vintage treat bucket with an unusual face and a blow mold. I don’t usually find vintage Halloween and was happy to pick these up so close to the holiday!

I picked up several ceramic items recently too. I picked up 5 Goebel figures for $5. There were three wisemen and two sweet angels. Unfortunately I broke one of the wisemen’s heads off during the photographing process. The angel with the cross sold quickly for $29. I really like the guardian angel figurine.

I was at a sale where there was a table filled with knick knacks. They were priced between $1 and $3. I didn’t really know what to pick up but I just took a chance on a few items. I bought this glass trinket box, a Santa figure by David Frykman, an angel rattle doll that may be vintage and a heart shaped trinket box made in Italy. It looks like the heart box was the best find.

Finally I will talk about some wallets and handbags that I found. There was a Coach wristlet for $2 and a Coach wallet for $3. I do better selling vintage Coach than the newer styles. I also spotted this unusual Betsy Johnson purse shaped like a retro telephone. I paid up for it at $20 but I couldn’t leave it behind. I should at least be able to break even, if not make a bit of profit on it.

Those are some of my favorite finds from the past few weeks. I hope everyone is enjoying the weather as fall comes in!

A Community Sale, the Bins and Free Things

I attended a community sale on a very hot day. It was all outside. There was a toy area that had some random toys in boxes to look through. My children used to like these keychains from the 1990s that move when you open them. I remember someone saying that they were collectible. I found three of them which I put together and sold for $20. The white figures are from a comic book called Bone. I hope they are rare enough to have some value. It looks like some of the figures sell for about $10. For some reason this pair of Dala horses was in the toy section. I was happy to find them. I also found a group of vintage Fisher Price Little People toys in a ziploc bag. They sell consistently. I had a few other ones that I was saving to put in a lot.

Sometimes things get put in the toy area that aren’t really toys like this heavy metal canon replica and this wooden viking. I would think of these more has collectibles or home decor. I like the wood vikings. They’re Scandinavian. Although they’re slow sellers, eventually they sell. I think they have a cool mid century modern look. I also found a Robie the Robot banker. When you put a coin on his hand and pull it down he eats the coin, licks his lips and rolls his eyes. Very cute. I believe these are from the 90s. I have sold several of these. This one sold quickly for $30. All together I spent $24 at this sale.

The best find was this Tweety Bird colander. It was marked $8 so I looked it up before I bought it and was surprised to see prices between $50 and $100. I guess some people really like to surround themselves with their favorite characters – even in the kitchen!

I found a few sellable items at the bins last week. This Hello Kitty Build A Bear was quite dirty when I found her but she came with her bow and a shirt. I put her in the washing machine and she came out clean! I found a Fisher Price Happy Apple. I usually sell these for about $15. There were also some Fisher Price Loving Family dollhouse furniture pieces that I put in a lot to sell. My favorite find from the bins doesn’t have a lot of value but I thinks its very charming. It’s an advertising card with a small paper calendar dated 1940. It shows a baby looking at a star. On the other side is a picture of toys and the name of the store. It’s in good condition for being that old.

The last two items I found at the bins was a small Vera Bradley wallet and a pair of Super Mario figures. I paid $11 for my items on that day.

The bins can be fun because there’s usually a lot of things to look through but some days I don’t find a single thing that I can resell so this day was a good one for me. There are people there that stay all day and just load up their shopping carts and then look everything up on their phones.

I went to a few tag sales when I was on vacation a few weeks ago. The area we were staying in has a lot of money which leads to two kinds of tag sales. One type is where everything is very expensive because the people there can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have that kind of money or their stuff was really expensive in the first place and why shouldn’t it resell for a lot of money at a tag sale. The second kind is where people have a lot of money and buy expensive things then they are cleaning out so they can buy new expensive things and they don’t care about making money from it so everything is really cheap. Those are the sales I like to shop at. I only bought a few things that day but everything was priced very cheap. I bought a sugar and creamer set from Fishs Eddy, a lacquerware box featuring France and ballerinas, a Bosca wallet and a boho style handbag by Funktion which was in a free box along with a cool Panam T shirt that I gave to my brother.

Summer is winding down. I’m hoping to see more sales pop up in the fall. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer or whatever season you are in and staying safe and healthy!!

Jewelry Bag, Holiday, Dolls and Unusual Items

I was at a town wide tag sale where I wasn’t finding too much. One woman had a table with some jewelry in little bags. I bought a bag for $3 and had fun looking through it. There was one sterling silver item which was a butterfly pin. There were a few signed vintage pieces including a Crown Trifari rope pin and a Krementz circular pin with a rose. Another interesting piece was a US Navy anchor pin.

I’ve recently picked up a few dolls including a vintage hair growing Tressy doll, an American Girl Just Like You doll and a vintage cloth doll. All these came from the thrift store and cost between $4 and $7.

At a church sale I bought several holiday items including this Glass Baron Christmas tree, an Annalee fishing Santa Claus ornament and a Rae Dunn Christmas platter. While I was at the bins I picked up this completed Halloween ghost sign.

In the category of unusual finds is this small wooden assemblage box. It is in the shape of a house and opens to reveal two hearts that say Amore Eterno. It was made in Peru.

This vintage boater hat was at Goodwill for $15. I decided to take a chance on it and was able to sell it for $65. This Thorens music box from Switzerland was also a vintage find. Unfortunately it works only sporadically and has two cracks in the plastic dome.

Some toy finds include a vintage Polly Pocket compact, a snowman puppet, a stuffed Fedex truck and a Stan Lee Iron Man Funko Pop figure.

Those are some highlights of my finds for this mid summer post!

My Little Pony, Folk Art, Plush and Vintage Items

There was a large community sale about 1 hour away from me. They have an outdoor toy area and an indoor area for everything else. I always try to hit the toys first. I found a box of vintage My Little Pony toys. It was marked $5 and I wasn’t sure if each pony was $5. Luckily it was $5 for the whole box. It seemed like a great bargain until I got the ponies home and saw that more than half of them had cut hair. I separated the ones with the cut hair from the others and am trying to sell them in four groups. Here are the two groups that were not chopped.

At this sale they have a kiddie pool filled with plush. This year I pulled out 3 toys to sell including Buster from the show Arthur, Spot the Dog from the Eric Hill books and some kind of designery Teddy Bear by Ross Menuez.

I picked up some items from the indoor area. I found this Orphan Annie “shake up mug”. I believe it is from the 1930s but unfortunately it has a crack in it. It’s not worth much but I couldn’t leave it behind. I loved this folk art style cat holding a mouse. It is a very heavy resin and is dated 1987. This wooden owl caught my eye. He looks Mid Century Modern to me but I really don’t know how old he is. This toleware canister appeared to be fairly old and though it is missing some paint, I picked it up.

These two bottles of aftershave by Caswell-Massey were marked $1 each and I also picked up a Hello Kitty pencil case. I wish I knew if the case was vintage but it doesn’t have a date on it. I love anything Hello Kitty.

I had some good luck at the thrift store where I found a bag of Little Tikes dollhouse furniture for $10. They needed some cleaning up but I made three lots out of it. I was saving the red van from another sale. On its own it doesn’t sell for much so I grouped it with a family of figures.

Those were the finds from last weekend. There certainly aren’t as many big sales as there used to be where I live but I am making the best of the ones I find! Hope you are all enjoying summer adventures!

Disney, Plush, Christmas and Toys!

I went back to the sale from last weekend which they had again on the following weekend. They had three more days of donation during the week so I’m glad I went back. I picked up this jade Chinese peach tree which I believe is a symbol of longevity. They also had a Yankee Candle tart warmer which I have sold several of lately.

Some toys I picked up from there included a lot of wooden Thomas the Tank trains, some vintage Fisher Price animals, a weapon from Ben 10 and a vintage plush elephant from Playskool.

Some vintage stuffed animals for babies can do very well! There was also more vintage Christmas that I bought including this Mr. Christmas calliope with 6 carousel houses. Unfortunately two of the horses don’t move up and down like they should. I also picked up a pair of Lenox snowflake ornaments for $1. Some of these can do well depending on the year and style.

I took a trip to the bins where I found some good plush including these two Fisher Price Puffalumps and a doll from the Ezra Jack Keats book, Whistle for Willie. This seems like a rare doll.

I attended one very good tag sale. The lady had several Disney Jim Shore figurines. They can sell between $50 and $100. She had them marked between $5 and $8 so I bought a few of them. It was great that she had the original boxes and packing styrofoam with them because I have had some breakages in shipping recently.

Those were the highlights for the end of June. Tag sales seem to be slowing down a bit for the 4th of July holiday. I hope they pick up again soon!!

Vintage Christmas, Toys, Electronics and Figurines!

I was able to attend a large sale that was on for the first time since the pandemic. There is a Christmas area where it is fill a bag for $5 for items that are not priced. There were some boxes of ornaments where I fished through and found some vintage ones and some reindeer. There was a group of plastic dwarves, 3 mice dressed as Santa and 2 elves with satin ornaments for bellies.

I found a vintage bottle brush tree. I love the faded pink color and the small reflectors and glass ornaments it is decorated with. I was tempted to keep this. The best find in the boxes was this vintage style candy box created by artist Penny McAllister.

Other fun finds from this sale included a pair of patriotic figures by Lefton and a German pottery coffee pot that features a face where the spot is the nose.

There were quite a few toys finds from this sale and from other places. I picked up this Dolly plush from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a Thomas the Tank Duplo set that is incomplete, a rubber gorilla puppet and a lot of vintage Care Bears figures.

I found a lot of these miniature foods in a small basket for $5. They are Zuru mini brands. They originally came in a mystery box. I love anything miniature so these really charmed me. I am hoping to get $1 for each one.

I picked up some figurines including two Beatrix Potter figures, a Pokemon figure and this Kokeshi style perfume bottle.

At one sale I went out of my comfort zone because the items were only 50 cents. I don’t know much about either one of these but I picked up a vintage OHM meter and an old Audiovox car radio and cassette player. I like the look of the OHM meter for industrial decor.

Those are the highlights of last week! I’m so happy to be digging through piles of stuff again. It’s my favorite thing.

Vintage Toys, Books, Instruments, Figurines and More!

There were some town wide sales and two church sales that I recently attended. I’ll start with the category of vintage toys. At one sale there was a Little Tikes dollhouse with a box full of furniture. I would have purchased it but she was asking $50 and there really weren’t that many pieces. I kept looking and saw a pink box that turned out to be a vintage Littlest Pet Shop pet store filled with pets and accessories and it had a price sticker of $5 on it. Sold! Here are some of the sets I have listed for sale.

At one sale I purchased this big vampire puppet. He is absolutely huge! I also picked up a Princess Kate bride doll, a unique plush cat and a set of vintage Disney figures at the thrift store.

The vintage items kept coming. This concertina in the box sold well. I really liked this vintage figurine marked Japan. She sold very quickly for $24.99 making me think that I might have priced her too low. I thought this double decker piggy bank was very charming, as was this Villeroy and Boch hippopotamus trinket box.

At one of the sales there was a box of dollhouse miniatures for $15. I saw some vintage pieces and some Calico Critter items so I picked it up and had a fun afternoon sorting through it. My favorite find from the box this yellow miniature kitchen from the Smaller House series by Tomy which is from the 1970s. Here are the sets I came up with to sell.

One of my other favorite things to buy is vintage children’s books. I haven’t found any in a long time but I was at an estate sale and picked up these for $1 each. I really love the holiday golden book. It sold quickly for $19.99.

This week I had two items that I sold break during shipping. That hadn’t happened in a long time so I guess I was due but it still stings. Wishing everyone good weather, fun sales and safe shipping!

Fenton, Coach and a Fun Monster!

I’m glad some of the community sales are back. I haven’t been having too much luck at the individual tag sales around here but this weekend I was able to go to two fundraisers. At the first one a lady was pulling out a box that was underneath a table and starting putting out a group of Fenton animals, bells and other items. I have sold a few Fenton animals before but I don’t have experience with other items. I purchased 3 animals and a pretty basket. I spent $18 at this sale.

At the same sale I picked up this Brinks dead bolt because it was new in the box, and a group of Lion King figures.

The next sale was a fundraiser for an animal shelter. The first thing I spotted was a Cabbage Patch Kids telephone. I don’t do well with the dolls but since this was marked at $3 and was in the box, I picked it up. The next thing I saw in a box with stuffed dog toys, was this Nauga monster who was a promotion for Naugahyde furniture in the 60s and 70s. Depending on the color, these can do well so I was happy to find him!

I found a basket filled with little old things. My favorite. They were marked at $1 each. I picked up some duds but here are the better items I found from there including a set of clay marbles, a Chinese cricket cage, a small Chinese doll and a Barclay cast iron figure.

These old wooden bobble head figures of a group of musicians were in a bag for $5. They came will an illustrated background card that said “Birthday 1930.” I wonder what country they are from.

There were many handbags and wallets there too. I picked up a Fossil bag, a Coach mini bag and a Coach wallet. I spent about $45 all together at this sale.

That was a fun day! It’s great to be outside in the warm weather hunting for treasures again!

A Church Sale and Flea Market again!

I have missed you church sales and flea markets! There aren’t many church sales by me these days but I did attend a small one last weekend. Everyone was wearing a mask but the social distancing was questionable. I found a few things and one good item. I picked up a Little Tikes tractor with the wagon attached. It was $3 and I’m hoping for about $20 from it. This salt and pepper shaker set is marked Buchan which is a Scottish company. The best item I found was this vintage figurine. She had a tag that read “Mademoiselle Bikini.” I believe she is from the 40s or 50s. She has a little dog and is wearing a fur bikini. She was supposed to have an umbrella but that’s missing. These funny, quirky “pin-up” style items can sell well. This sold for $65.00 in a few days.

I don’t usually find much for resale at the flea market. This day there was a set up that looked like a house clean out. I spotted this pretty blue velvet box that said Faberge on it. When I asked the lady how much it was she asked if I knew it was empty. I did and I also know that empty presentation boxes can have good resale value. She only charge me $1 and it sold quickly for $49. At another vendor there was a storage box on the ground with some empty vintage Christmas ornaments boxes and small ornaments scattered all over the bottom of the box. I asked for a price for two of the small empty boxes and the miniature ornaments and the man there said $5. I gathered everything up and was happy to figure out that there were enough ornaments to fill the spots in the boxes. The ornaments measures only about 1/2″ tall. I think I made a bad purchase when I bought this Kit American Girl doll. She was only $25 but when I got her home I realized that she smelled of smoke. I’m hoping that with her, I can at least get my money back.

I went to a fun estate sale that had some vintage items. My favorite item was this oil painting which I believe is an original. I got three of these plastic birds that clip onto a tree. I’m not sure if they are for Christmas or Easter since their colors are more for spring. I can often sell these vintage metal trash cans if they have a nice design like this one with flowers. I think this wooden jumping jack puppet in the shape of a chef is really charming. He is marked “Made in Austria.” They charged me $17.00 for these and a few other items.

Finally I will share two of my favorite finds from the thrift store. The first is this designer toy figure. He is part of a set called “Mighty Uprock Animals.” I don’t know much about him but there appears to be a market for these figures. The second item was in the glass case with the jewelry at Goodwill. It is a compact by Estee Lauder in the shape of a suitcase. I love miniatures and it is actually going to be part of my miniature room box until it sells. I put it one the bed as if the people who live there are going on a trip. Oh – the fun I have! It cost me $5.

Those are the highlights of the past 2 weeks. Hope everyone is enjoying warmer weather and more sales!

Thrift Store Finds, A Grungy Estate Sale and a Free Sale!

There were a few adventures in the last two weeks. One was an estate sale that was really grimy. It took place in a barn and a house and there was loads of stuff in boxes in the barn and I think it had all been there for years. The items in the house were cleaner, but not as much fun to look through. One of my favorite items was this red flocked Christmas bell decoration. It’s quite big at about 12″ tall. I fell in love with this sweet diorama in a glass box. I believe that is Mrs. Claus in her kitchen. I also found a miniature grandfather clock that was made in Germany. Unfortunately it is missing one of the hands. I thought this gold egg with the rooster on it was charming. Too bad Easter has passed.

There was a sale that I didn’t get a chance to attend over the weekend but when I looked online on Monday morning the ad said that there was still a lot left and that everything was free! I think I didn’t attend the sale because it didn’t look great from pictures posted online but after seeing what was left over, I really wish I had gone. Among the items left was a box with four of the Ideal dolls from the Crissy family with the hair that grows when you twist the knob on the back. Included in this group were Crissy, Velvet, Brandi and Dina.

The lady who owned the house collected frogs and I was able to pick up some froggy items including a frog puppet by someone who worked with Jim Henson, a frog birthday candle and a frog water toy.

I also picked up this pillow because it looked so iconically 1970s.

I had some interesting purchases from the thrift store too. I found a Fenton glass bluebird and a Mary Englebreit gravy boat. I didn’t know she made dinnerware. I think this piece is very fun – just like her drawings. I found a pair of theorem paintings dated 1979.

Additional finds included this Pixel Chix house and a Fisher Price dollhouse. I paid up for the Fisher Price house at $9 but it’s in very good condition.

The last two items I will mention are this leather document case and this butter keeper which has a Scandinavian design. The case seems to have some age.

Still hoping to see more tag sales coming soon!